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House Of Dreams Pt.1 & Pt.2 released

Ladies & Gentlemen. The day has finally come when House Of Dreams Pt.1 is out world wide and House Of Dreams Pt.2 is out & available in Scandinavia. Both...
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Billion Dollar Babies – House Of Dreams Pt.2

In no less than 35 days House Of Dreams Pt.2 will be released through out scandinavia. Once again the songs were produced and recorded during live sessions by star...
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House Of Dreams Pt.1 – World wide release February 27

2012 years monster CD House Of Dreams Pt.1 will be released through out the world on February 27. For all you crazy BDB freaks out the who have not...
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Free download – Ringtone Nr2 – House Of Dreams Pt.2

Every month until the release of House Of Dreams Pt.2 we will be releasing a part of each song as a free ringtone for you to download here on...
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Jon Silver, Nic Lester & Anthony Fox leave Billion Dollar Babies

It is with great sadness that we bring you this news today. By the end the end of the year 2012, long time members Jon Silver, Nic Lester and Anthony...
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House Of Dreams Pt.2 Scandinavian release

We are happy to confirm that the upcoming release of House Of Dreams Pt.2 will be on February the 27:th. The second part of the three part EP-series House...
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Are you tired of crappy music on the radio? Do you wanna hear Jon Silver shredding his ass off? And DO YOU WANT some real fuckin ROCK N ROLL...
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As you may have noticed we just added a show for tomorrow. Once again we’re back on the Rock For Moc festival which we are closing this time around....
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Photos by Andreas S Eriksson, Falupix.se

Happy birthday Jon Silver

Happy fuckin birthday Jon Silver. Hope you have an awesome day shredding in the hot studio!

House Of Dreams in the press

Read the interview in today’s issue of Dalademokraten featuring Nic Lester and Jon Silver who talk about the new release, new sound and appearance of the band. Check out...
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