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20% discount during all of November. Welcome to the new mobile friendly Billion Dollar Babies website with a new merchandise shop.


What better way to launch a complete new web store than to do it with a big BOOM? We’re happy to to finally be able to give you guys...
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Billion Dollar Babies – House Of Dreams Pt.2

In no less than 35 days House Of Dreams Pt.2 will be released through out scandinavia. Once again the songs were produced and recorded during live sessions by star...
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House Of Dreams Pt.1 – World wide release February 27

2012 years monster CD House Of Dreams Pt.1 will be released through out the world on February 27. For all you crazy BDB freaks out the who have not...
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Here’s another great interview with Nic Lester from the Spanish metal magazine La Estadea. Nic talks about the new songs, new sound and the release of House Of Dreams...
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Happy birthday Jon Silver

Happy fuckin birthday Jon Silver. Hope you have an awesome day shredding in the hot studio!

House Of Dreams comes alive!

House Of Dreams caught on tape. This is what the hell you are up for when you join Billion Dollar Babies on a show in 2012. It’s on.

House Of Dreams on the radio

Time to turn on the radio or check in to www.sr.se/dalarna in a little less than an hour. At 17.00 Pat Kramer and Nic Lester will be in playing...
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