The new website is up and running and House Of Dreams Pt.1 is released.

Billion Dollar Babies follows up their 2010 debut album with the three-part EP series,
House Of Dreams. After a member exchange and a European tour, Billion Dollar Babies is back; younger, harder and stronger.

We give you a new, heavier, better Billion Dollar Babies with the sound from the underground.
House Of Dreams Pt.1 was recorded through live takes with star producer Rikard Löfgren at the controls. The former pop glam rock has been worn off to make room for the band’s heavy, massive live sound, that along with the theatrical glimpses which previously only were a part of the band’s live shows, creates Billion Dollar Babies new sound. House Of Dreams Pt.1 is packed with killer riffs, monster groove and solid melodies.

We are damn proud to give you this first part of the House Of Dreams series and we look forward to come and visit all you crazy fuckers with during the upcoming tours.
Make sure you get your hands on a copy of House Of Dreams Pt.1 TODAY!

/Frankie, Anthony, Pat, Nic & Jon