Billion Dollar Babies – House Of Dreams Pt.2

In no less than 35 days House Of Dreams Pt.2 will be released through out scandinavia.

Once again the songs were produced and recorded during live sessions by star producer Rikard Löfgren (Death Stars, Mustasch, Sparzanza) at the helm, capturing the raw sound from Billion Dollar Babies intense live shows.

House of Dreams Pt.2 showcases a more raw and dark side of Billion Dollar Babies. The EP is delivered with uncompromising accuracy and overall musical talent; jam packed with razor sharp guitar riffs, heavy grooves and strong melodies. The lyrics may as well be an assortment of lines from horror movies displaying stories about sick lust for power, psychopathic dark minds and the decadent role that drugs play in society.

First off in a digital online release and later on you will also be able to get your hands on a CD.

On the same day House Of Dreams Pt.1 will be available world wide. What a day to celebrate!